32.2 Human Sexuality

How Cultivating Love Inward – Manifests Loving Outward

Themen dieser Ausgabe:

Sex & Love – John Robbins eloquently explains the relationship between sexual energy and love.

Rain: Heaven & Earth Making Love Hippocrates Acupuncture Physician Keith Cini discusses herbs and practices to cultivate sexual energy.

Good sex makes the world go round – Dr. Edwin Riley explains how to imprive sexual communication.

Abs for great sex – Dr. Wayne „The Mango Man“ pickering expounds how greater core strength can improve sexual function.

Sexuality is spirituality, spirituality is sexuality – Rita Robbins shares a personal tale of sexual discovery.

Dr. Brian Clement und Dr. Anna Maria Clement über die Sieben Schlüssel einer lebenslangen erfüllten sexuellen Vitalität – The Seven Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality.

  1. Healthy sex is a potent medicine
  2. Desire starts in your mind
  3. Express your sexuality
  4. Protect your sexuality – Vermeide synthetische Chemikalien, Kosmetika und andere künstlichen Stoffe ebenso wie Junk Food. Diese Stoffe wirken sich negativ auf das Hormonsystem aus, indem sie die Beweglichkeit der Spermien und des weiblichen Eis einschränken.
  5. Nourish your sexuality
  6. Channel sexual energy in your mind
  7. Prolong your sexuality

Sexual Healing Safara Fisher shares her personal story of the role sexuality plays in healing.

Nonsexual Gratification John Kohler suggests alternative methods of gratification.

Fertility and the Plant-Based Diet Steven Lemberg, MD, outlines the role plant-based nutrition can play in improving fertility.

Sex, Music and Healing Popular recording artist Steven Halpern discusses the link between sexuality and music.

Can Raw & Living Food Put You “In the Mood?” Katharine Clark, RN, explains how raw living foods can boost libido.

The Scent of a Woman LK Walker questions the flawed logic that urges women to disguise or modify their natural beauty.

Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll & Therapy Hippocrates psychotherapist Andy Bernay-Roman looks at the psychology of sexuality.

LuvIam Rachel Doran offers the story of David and Gissela Torrella’s mission to spread love energy, one T-shirt at a time.

Sexuality is a Divine Gift Hippocrates psychotherapist and theology expert Antony Chatham examines the spiritual side of sexuality.

The Sexuality of Dancing Pam Blue discusses the history of dancing and sexuality.

Magazin zum download unter: Heal Our World 32.2 (pdf)

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